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Interior Trim


At Cam's Carpentry, we are fanatical about mouldings and trim carpentry and it is a major aspect of our business. We not only do it – we do it right. We have the experience and expertise for any  job and have dedicated ourselves to a study of classical design. We make sure that your project is architecturally correct and fits with the style of your home.

Whether you are looking to build a mantel as the main focus of a room or want to add some space-saving, eye catching built-ins, we are the ones for the job.

Trim carpentry is more than just nailing wood to a wall. It all starts with proper design. Proper design is what we excel at. We actively study design and pattern books and even tour historic homes with timeless design for inspiration.

I am sure that you have visited homes where the mouldings don’t match up, the seams are evident, or the mouldings have been installed upside down. You’ve seen it done wrong. We can show you how it's done right.


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custom screen decks and railings

​Siding, Screened Porchs and ​Decks


We build custom screened porchs,  screened doors, custom screen decks and railings.

If you are looking to enlarge an existing deck or start one from scratch, we can build a variety of decks to suit your style and budget.  Thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen or dropping in a hot tub?  We'd love to hear  your ideas and how we can make them happen.


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pool and stuff



Moving may not be an option due to the high cost and lack of available  building lots in the Ottawa area; renovating your existing home can be a great option. If you are planning on renovating a bathroom, a living room or even an entire house,  we offer a range of renovation services to fit your needs and budget. One of our desiners 



                our foundation suppliers 




 For all your heating and cooling needs 








Please contact us to discuss any questions concerning your renovation ideas or to set up an appointment for an assessment.

Our goal is to work together with you to ensure your dreams become a reality!

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