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Custom Carpentry Ottawa
Carpenter Construction Ottawa

The Best Custom Carpentry Ottawa has to Offer

Local Ontario carpenters can complete a lot of tasks around your home. Unfortunately though, many people have no idea what types of tasks carpenters can complete and when they should consider hiring one to complete those types of tasks around their home. Learning what a carpenter does can help you determine when you should reach out to one. Here are just a few of the common tasks that carpenters can complete.

One of the most common types of services that carpenters have to offer is installing trim throughout your home. Trim work can include anything from baseboards to crown molding to door frames to window frames. Many people also have trim and mantles around their fireplaces, which is another element that our carpenters can help create and install. Wood paneling on walls, chair railing and staircase railings and banisters can also be constructed and built by carpenters. But trim around your home is not the only element that carpenters can complete. Many can also help with wood decking, screened in porches, frame work, constructing add-ons to your home, and replacing entry ways or creating custom window enclosures.

Whether you are looking for “custom carpentry Ottawa” or “carpenter construction Ottawa” Veinnhardt Custom Carpentry can help. Here at Viennhardt Custom Carpentry, we have great attention to detail, and when can do more than just build and install. We can help you determine what types of trims and moldings will add to your home and increase its value, while also adding to the aesthetic of the space. Reach out to us today to learn more about us and the services that we have to offer.

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