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Why Design-Build?

  • Have you been looking at tract or pre-owned housing, but can't find a home that suits your needs?

  • Do you want a home with your own special touch?

  • Have you seen a plan you like, but want modifications to tailor it to your requirements?

  • Are you considering building, but worried about out of control costs, poor workmanship, etc.?

  • Are you ready for your dream home & require an architectural designer to assist with creative vision?

  • Do you want sighting of your house to take full advantage of the features of your lot, but aren't quite sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider "Design-Build - The Team Approach".



  • personalized service

  • creative vision

  • attention to detail

  • fully disclosed costing

  • excellent quality control

  • over 20 years of experience in residential design & construction

What is Design-Build?

  • The most important feature of Design-Build is the "Team Approach" from start to finish - you and the design-builder. By working together, you have input and control at every stage - design, costing and construction. Quality is assured. By the time construction starts, you have a fixed price contract and know EXACTLY where you stand.

  • Is Design-Build the cheapest approach to building a home? No, but DESIGN-BUILD IS THE BEST VALUE FOR THE MONEY. Dollar for dollar, we firmly believe Design-Build offers the best quality you can afford.

How Design-Build Works

  • In order to establish confidence, we suggest spending some time in preliminary discussions. Take a look at some of our designs & homes.

  • If you like what you see and if you are serious about pursuing the Design-Build approach, we can provide you with a list of previous clients. Talk with them and find out what they have to say about Cams Carpentry

  • Our clients are our most valued assets - if you are not serious, please don't ask for the list. As a future client, we are sure you will understand!

  • To ensure the Design-Build approach works, all members of the team must have confidence in each other and keep communications open at all times.

  • We are experienced builders and designers, and sometimes take for granted things that you may not understand. If you have questions, please ask - we are more than happy to clarify issues that may be of concern to you.

  • If you decide to join the Cams carpentry  Team, the Design-Build process is broken into four stages:

    1) Design

    2) Construction Estimating

    3) Working Drawings

    4) Build & Construction Management

A Final Word on Building Costs

Building costs vary widely and depend on many things:

  • The building site: how will the home be sighted to take advantage of privacy, topography, tree coverage and sunlight, what fill is required for grading or septic, what is the laneway configuration and length, etc.?

  • The type of home: is it a bungalow, two storey or split?

  • The exterior finishes: are brick, vinyl, hardboard or wood sidings required, are there special architectural features, are open or screened porches involved, etc.?

  • The interior finishes: what are the millwork requirements, how many bathrooms and what type of fixtures, is part of the basement finished, is a multi-colour paint finish required, etc.?

  • The floor finishes: how much hardwood, ceramic, vinyl or carpet is required and what grades?

  • The windows: what features and quality are you looking for, are they casement, double hung, sliders, awning or architectural specialties?

  • The type of garage: is it attached or detached, how large is it, is it finished, is it heated, etc.?

  • Fees & permits: municipalities, health units, & utilities all charge fees for items such as development charges, building permit, entry permit, service hookup, inspections, etc. - these fees differ substantially between municipalities.

These are but a few of the details that must be considered. Asking how much a house will cost is very much like asking how much a car will cost. Until you know the make, model and all the features, it is very difficult to say.


Your home is a major investment - be sure of the outcome with Cams Carpentry 



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